Best Lawn Care Services Jacksonville FL

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Lawn aeration is a proponent in optimizing a healthy lawn. Aeration involves creating holes in the lawn using multiple techniques. Aerated lawns will benefit by increasing oxygen flow to the roots allowing the soil to “breathe”, fertilizers and nutrients will have an easier access point to the roots. Water is then able to soak the soil, and compacted soil is loosened up allowing the root system to grow.

Our professionals trim your bushes and hedges customized to their particular species and requirements of our clients.

Best Lawn Care Services Jacksonville FL

We offer a 7 step process that will keep your lawn green and weed free all summer long. This service is billed per square footage of lawn based on the amount of time it takes and the amount of chemicals needed. Example: 7,500 square foot lawn runs $31.00 per treatment.
We offer customization of your your lawn with the perfect touch! Flowers, shrubs, trees, and more, we can create the perfect lawn for you and your family this summer!


Every time one of our professionals mow they edge the lawn , trim all around in building fence or object, pick up any trash/debris and change the direction of the cut so the grass does not grow in any one direction. This service is billed at a flat rate depending on size and how often mowing is requested. Mowing service starts at $49.
Add depth and thickness to those bare spots in need. Revitalize your lawn with our seeding service and techniques. You can expect rapid growth and weed-free grass. This service is excellent for slopes / areas prone to erosion, and can be laid throughout the growing season.