Fulfill your prospects needs with benefits instead of features and watch your Bloomington IL Martial Arts enrollment soar!

It’s easy to get features and benefits confused and most martial arts school owners are using them incorrectly.

After reviewing hundreds (if not thousands) of yellow page ads, brochures, fliers, and websites, most martial arts marketing efforts are focused on stating features. However, your target market is a consumer of benefits and is always moving from the perspective of “what’s in it for them.” So there is a huge disconnect in what people are looking for and what you’re telling them.




Start Speaking Your Prospects Language

As martial arts school owners, we’re biased. We want to tell people things about our school that we care about. We want to tell people about our instructor, how many trophies we’ve won, the style we teach, the association we belong to, how many strips we have on our belts, and how tough our students are.

However, that’s not what potential students care about. In fact, we might be scaring them away!

Potential students want to know what’s in it for them, how your martial arts schools solves their problems, do you satify their needs. We make the classic mistake of stating facts, instead of reasons, to come to our schools. In short, we often confuse features for benefits.

The Difference Between Feature and Benefits

Features are statements of facts while benefits speak to what’s in it for the prospect. Benefits are the substance to the facts and gives context, relevancy, and meaning.

Selling benefits will help your prospects determine if you’re the right martial arts school for them or their children and if you’re solving their problems. Simply put, speak their language and address their needs and you’ll get their attention.

KEY CONCEPT: What’s important to you about your art when you’re a black belt isn’t what’s important to a new, prospective student with no experience. It’s a totally different frame of reference and you need to build that difference into all of your marketing.

Here are some features I pulled from my local Yellow Page ads:

Statement of Features

  1. Self Defense
  2. Self Confidence
  3. Courtesy & Respect
  4. Fitness
  5. Karate. Kung Fu. Ju Jitsu.

See how this is nothing more than statements of facts? Does this inspire you to want to pick up the phone and call? 99% of ALL ads you see use features and don’t reveal the benefit!

Now let’s flip things and put them into customer centric terms.

Translation of Features into Benefits

  1. Self Defense = Be able to defend yourself and your loved ones if necessary.
  2. Self Confidence = Empower yourself and change how people perceive you.
  3. Courtesy & Respect = Transform your child into a polite and caring person.
  4. Fitness = Loose weight and feel great!
  5. Karate. Kung Fu. Ju Jitsu. = Become a well rounded martial artist capable of handling any situation.

In all of your marketing, speak your target market’s language and you will get their attention and they will feel like you understand their needs. State the ones you care about and risk loosing a prospective student.