Fix Dishwasher with Bellevue Appliance Repair

Has this happened to your? Need Bellevue Appliance Repair? You walk into your kitchen and discover that there are suds and water all over the kitchen floor. As panic starts to set in because you have a wood kitchen floor, you ask yourself how could this be possible. Then you look over at the dishwasher and you see suds coming out of the bottom of it. Soap or detergent suds coming out of the bottom of a dishwasher, quick call the repairman! Hold on not so quick, back away from the phone, you can fix this.


Well as it turns out flooding dishwashers, or I should say a dishwasher that is flooding water and soap detergent on the floor is very common. If you have a water softener, or if you live in an area with very soft water, you are more likely to have and over sudsing dishwasher.

In my 30+ years experience working on appliances, almost always when I have seen this problem it was caused by a simple mistake. And that is the person loading the dishwasher grabbed the wrong bottle of detergent. Thinking they were grabbing the liquid dishwasher detergent they actually grab the type of dish detergent used to wash dishes in the sink. The problem also happens when someone pre-washes dishes and neglects to get all of the dish detergent off of a plate or pan for example, and then loads it into the dishwasher. It’s a lethal combination because this type of detergent is highly sudsing and dishwashers have an aggressive wash action that tends to create suds almost instantly when the wrong detergent is in the water.

The good news is that regardless of how the wrong dish detergent got in the dishwasher there is a simple solution. And by the way, simply operating the dishwasher in an effort to get the suds out won’t solve the problem.

If you have a dishwasher that is over sudsing and spilling onto the floor, turn the dishwasher off immediately and get some fabric softener. Measure out about a quarter of a cup of fabric softener and pour it in the bottom of the dishwasher on top of the suds. Now close the dishwasher and turn it back on. Believe it or not the softener will kill the suds instantly.

If you don’t have liquid fabric softener available but you do have the fabric softener sheets that you put into the dryer, they will work also. All you need to do is take a tall glass and fill it up with warm water. Take two fabric softener sheets and put them into the warm water and move them around to remove the fabric softener from the sheets. When you believe you have most of the fabric softener out of the sheets, simply pour the solution into the dishwasher on top of the suds. And like magic, no more suds in your dishwasher or on the floor.

How To Replace Washer Door Switch

In this section we will discuss how to replace a door lock assembly on a newer front loading washer. We qualify it this way, because the procedure to change the door lock assembly on some older front loading washers is very different from what you will learn here. Specifically we are talking about changing the door lock assembly on Frigidaire Affinity, some Kenmore and GE front loading washers.


First of all let’s discuss exactly what a door lock, or door switch actually does. Front loading washers do not come with a brake mechanism. This makes them more reliable, and less expensive to manufacture. It also means, that when the washer is through spinning, and power is removed from the washer motor, the spin basket will continue to rotate for some time. If the door were not locked, anyone could open the door and put their hand into a washer that is rotating very fast. Obviously this could cause a significant injury. So, the most important thing that a door lock mechanism does is lock the door during spin. And in most cases it also locks the door during the wash cycle.

Some door lock mechanisms use a solenoid, to lock the door, while others use a wax motor. A solenoid is simply an electromechanical device that when energized pulls a plunger, and in this case prevents the door from being opened. A wax motor on the other hand, is a mechanism that has a wax like substance inside it that when heated expands and activates a plunger to lock the door. Wax motors have an advantage over solenoids in that even if there is a power failure, or someone unplugs the washer from the electrical supply, the mechanism will not allow the door to open until the wax has cooled down. By that time the washer spin basket has lost all its kinetic energy, and has stopped spinning. Wax motors also offer an advantage in that they don’t vibrate like electromechanical solenoid sometimes do.

Front loading washer door latch mechanisms also have some extra electrical contacts in them to allow the washer main electronic control board to sense whether or not the doors opened. This prevents water from entering the machine while the clothing is being loaded. Finally, most front loading washer door lock mechanisms have a set of contacts that prevent any power from being applied to the motor in the event that the door is open.

The front loading washer door lock mechanism we are talking about here, part number 131763202, is pretty easy to change. The first thing you need to do is unplug the washer from the electrical supply. Next open the washer door. Now, using a pair of needle nose pliers grab the spring-loaded wire retainer that is around the boot, also known as the door seal, or bellows, and remove it from the washer. Notice the two screws on the right-hand side where the door latch mechanism passes through the front panel to come in contact with the door lock. Rotate a portion of the boot off the lip of the front to gain access to the mechanism. It is not necessary to remove the entire door seal from the front panel. Now using a Philips head screwdriver remove the two stainless steel screws that secure the door lock mechanism to the washer front and pull it out. Now you can remove the three wire connectors from the old defective switch. You do not need to worry about which wire goes where because they are all different sizes.


How To Change A GE Dryer Belt

Start by removing the three screws securing the control panel trim to the front panel. The forward facing screws are located behind the control panel just above the top. Once removed, slide the trim to the left and set it aside. Looking straight down you will see two screws holding the top to the cabinet.

Looking down at the control panel, remove the two screws that secure the control panel assembly to the cabinet. The screws are located all the way to the left and the right holding the control panel to the cabinet. Now disconnect the control panel ribbon cable from the power board mounted on a bracket above the drum.


Then set it off to the side. To gain access to the dryer belt you will need to separate the blower housing from the cabinet. To do this remove the screw that holds the blower housing to the left side of the cabinet. Next remove the left side screw of the control board bracket that secures it to the cabinet. This will allow you to spread the cabinet apart slightly allowing just enough room for your hands and arms. This is where the long sleeve shirt and gloves come in handy. Now you can spread the cabinet open slightly.

This creates the gap between the tub and cabinet needed to manipulate the dryer belt and idler Both hands need to be in position and the belt tension will need to be released before the belt can be removed. This is actually a tricky maneuver. You have to position your left hand between the drum and the left-hand side of the cabinet and slide it rearward slightly past the motor to access the dryer blower idler pulley. Now using your left hand push the idler toward the center of the dryer relieving the spring tension. With your right hand slid along the right side of the blower and motor, you can position it to grab the idler and lock it into a predrilled hole in the motor mounting bracket.

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Is My CBD Oil of a High Quality?

The purity and concentration level of the oil will differ based on the manufacturer because they all use different techniques and all aim for different end results. You have to ensure that the quality of your CBD is high and that the product is safe and natural. The best way to do this is to buy your CBD oil from a company that is reputable, a company with customers who can attest to the quality of the products and how it helped to ease their pain and discomfort.


How Will My CBD Oil affect Me?

Everyone metabolizes Cannabidiol at different rates. Because of this, you may react to CBD oil in a different way than your friend. The way you administer CBD, as well as the quality of the oil and your biological makeup will affect the rate at which you will experience relief from your pain, discomfort or illness. The main factors, responsible for this difference is a person’s weight, tolerance level, the illness they are trying to treat.

What are CBD Tinctures?

One of the easiest ways to administer Cannabidiol is through tinctures. Tinctures provide you with the purest forms of CBD oil available on the market. The packaging makes it easy to place a few drops of the Half Day CBD under your tongue and relax while the therapeutic effects kick in. The dosage will depend on your ailment and your doctor’s instructions. However, the flexibility to start with a small dose of only one or two drops and then increase to the amount that works for you is made easier with tinctures. There are so many ways to administer CBD oil! All you have to do is choose.