Another type of pergola that you may want to consider for your property is a walkway pergola. This type of structure is used to cover a walkway and it also helps to direct the flow of traffic. While they are often used in commercial areas, they can be used over the walkways near your home as well. They look great over walkways that go toward the front sidewalk or you may even want to add them over a walkway that goes to your outdoor swimming pool for a great look as well.


Pergolas for Entrances
Pergolas can also be used at entrances as well. They are inviting and essentially give out a welcome to people coming up to your door. Your pergola for an entrance can cover the sidewalk that leads up to your door or it can also be a special arch that goes right over the front door as well. This is a great way to make the front entrance of your home beautiful and attractive.

So, as you can see, there are many great ways that you can use a pergola around your home. Whether you use your pergola to cover a walkway, an entrance, or even as a backyard or garden pergola, you’ll no doubt be thrilled with the great look that it brings to your landscape. You might check pergola cost.