A hair curler wand which is also called the easiest curling iron is one of the most widely used appliances that are meant for the purpose of convenient hair-styling at home. Nowadays, there are many varieties available in curling wands and they are actually a modification of the types of curling wands that were available in the past.

Most people are of the view that curling wands available these days are contemporary inventions but the reality is that the hair curler wands that are available at present are simple modifications that have been made to the devices that were used centuries ago. Indeed, it has been proved that both men and women have been very passionate about curly hair since centuries. Previously, there were heated tongs used for hair curling by men and women alike. But it is important to note that these methods were outdated and they resulted in burnt and damaged hair.


History of Hair Curler Wand

The history of hair curler wand dates back to the 18th century when Hiram maxim, who was a British citizen born in America, obtained the exclusive rights of Hair Curler Wand. Marcel Grateau and Maurice Lentheric were two Frenchmen who are also accredited with using the idea of heated tongs for curled hair in the early 19th century. Hair curled by the use of heated tongs also became popular as Marcel waves or curls. This device was made-up by Grateau and it was popularly known as Marcel tongs.