Unplug the dryer and let it cool. Check the outlet by connecting other electric devices. Now try to restart the dryer. Many dryers have a reset button on the control panel. If it’s still not working, the issue can be defective door switch or start switch, blown thermal fuse or thermostat, or even broken motor that need to be replaced. If your dryer is taking too long to dry your clothes, check the lint filter. Too much lint can block the dryer from working properly.


Most of us can’t imagine our kitchen without refrigerator. But one day any refrigerator can break down. The refrigerator door will not close properly. The freezer is not cold enough and the food goes bad.

If the power is not a problem, there’s most likely something wrong with wiring, thermostat, defrost timer, compressor, overload or relay. Then you would need to get a professional help. In case your refrigerator is not colling properly, check the termostat knob is turned to the proper setting. Also verify that the compressor motor is running.

We fix all brands and models of refrigerators including:

Kenmore 9397
Kenmore 7834
Kenmore 6072
Kenmore Elite 25,5 Side-by-side
Kenmore Elite 23,0
Bosch Linea 500 Series: B22CS50SN 22.0, B22CS30SNS
Bosch Linea 300 Series
Bosch 36″ Stainless Steel Built-In Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator – B36IT71SNS
B22CS50SNB Bosch Linea 500 Series
Bosch Linea 22,1 Side-by-side
Bosch Integra B36IT71NNP
Bosch Integra B36IT71SNS