Almost each and every office, factory and industrial has a number of fixtures and fittings including HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning) systems. These  systems work day and night and have become a very integral and inseparable part of the entire office or factory. However like all machines and equipment these air conditioning systems also require regular maintenance and upkeep. There are many components which go into making a full HVAC system and ducts and vents are important components of the same.

One has to bear in mind that there are HVAC systems that could be working faithfully and diligently for decades and it is only natural that they are bound to undergo some wear and tear. The main purpose of ducts and vents is to pump clean and pure air to various parts of the office, factory or other such premises. Additionally in factories ducts are also used for various other purposes such as for the purpose of blowing hot or cold air for various manufacturing processes. Hence it is important that these ducts and vents are cleaned regularly over a period of time.


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