If you’re not sure if this is your problem, we do not charge for an estimate. Our only added charge is when we are called out for an unscheduled emergency. Then we only ask that you cover the cost of getting the truck and the technician out to you to diagnose your problem. Even then, we never charge overtime!



Commercial & Industrial

Temp-Rite Heating and Cooling┬áhas expertise with interlinked large industrial air handling systems and sophisticated controls with complex wiring and internet monitoring. Temp-Rite has installed all types of commercial and industrial heating, cooling and refrigeration, and we can providing preventative maintenance for all your industrial refrigeration and environmental systems. We service small and large building systems, commercial and industrial refrigeration units, and managing crews and projects focused on one thing – customer satisfaction. We have the know-how to make sure you are happy. That’s why we are here and this is what we love.

Make Best Heating Repair Charlotte NC your first defense against unplanned down time. It is our expertise and we are proud of it.