I was tired all the time. Didn’t feel well. And not happy with the way I looked when I caught myself in the mirror. I had a huge belly—because I had let my diabetes get totally out of control. Plus, I have diastasis recti, which means the large muscle that runs vertically through my abdomen is split, which makes me look like I’m pregnant.

When I lived in Miami, I was embarrassed to see people I knew because Miami has a lot of beaches and there is Where to find good looking guys in Miami . I could see the look in their eyes. I knew what they were thinking. But when I moved to Miami, I didn’t know anyone. So I didn’t do anything, and I didn’t care—until my AC1 diabetes test came back at 13 (normal is 6). I knew this was it. My doctor put me on a 1200-calorie count and told me I needed to start exercising.

Problem was, that didn’t give me enough energy to actually exercise. Here’s where Beachbody was a godsend. A friend of mine gave me some Shakeology to try. Said it could help with my energy. And she was so right. I had so much more energy and I felt really good. I was a believer from the very first day.

Now it was time to ramp up the exercise. I wanted to try a Challenge Group, but I also have Fibromyalgia, so I can’t really handle the workout a normal person could. When my Coach, Melanie, recommended Tai Cheng, I said, why not? Tai Cheng was great, helped me in several ways. I was having pain issues with sciatica, but the Tai Cheng stretching moves really helped.

But the best news is about my diabetes. Two and a half months into my healthy lifestyle change, I went for a wellness visit and my doctor gave me an excellent report. My A1C level is now 6.3—totally in the normal range! I don’t have to take insulin anymore.